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International Zine Month 2013 (by Cui)


International Zine Month ’13 (IZM13) coincides, IMO, with the first real British summer in seven years. The last time it was THIS hot, I was an MA student living above Iceland supermarket in New Cross – no joke. That year was also the first time I read Stuart Hall’s Representation for an essay assignment and since then, it pretty much changed the way I see the world. So it’s nice to finally pay a visit to a library founded in his namesake.

Sonia Hope initiated a zine collection at the Stuart Hall Library three years ago, and has since been populating it with a steady stream of donations from both strangers and friends in zine networks. You can listen to an audio recording of the collection’s launch event here. It’s now grown to house about 300 zines that are fully catalogued and searchable. And perhaps echoing Hall’s political projects and struggles, the collection does feature a healthy number of zines that engage lively with issues of race, gender, class, human rights from places like Canada, Australia, UK and USA; these include Race Revolt, Reassess Your Weapons, Gross Indecency, Shotgun Seamstress and Love like Pop.

Personally, I am also glad to see libraries all over the UK are starting to archive and maintain zines for public access and building a great resource for future others to build on. According to an essay in the Design Observer, the movement of zines into library discourse is also happening in the States. Maintaining archives and libraries is hard work and I think they need to be supported.

Stuart Hall Library’s zine collection is making an outing for IZM13: they’ll be on display for the rest of July so it’s not too late to pop down to take a look, say hi to Sonia, or even better, donate a zine to them!





Our good pal Cui again reviews some zines. This time ones she picked up at Publish and Be Damned, at the ICA 2013.

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Last Sunday I went to the South London Zine Festival in Amersham Arms, New Cross, London. It was a whirlwind tour for me but I managed to pick up two great zines…

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Yo. Tonight Zineswap went down to the Japan Foundation in Russel Square to hear Ivan Vartanian do a talk on Japanese Photobooks. We went to the Japanese Photobooks exhibition at Photographers Gallery a while ago and saw some totally wild publications—some hand made, some mass produced, some about cats—and Ivan curated the show. We also have a few Japanese photography zines in our collection, so of course we were eager to hear  what he had to say about our friends in the East.

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OK, again it’s been a while, but it’s a really nice sunny Saturday morning, so I thought I’d lock myself in the dark dusty office and get some zines organised. We have SIX zines to talk you through this morning. YES, SIX!

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RADFEST from James Burgess on Vimeo.

On Sunday we’ll be dusting down the archive and busting down to Hackney Downs Studios for this years’ RADFEST. It looks set to be a stonker. If you want to come, but you don’t have a ticket yet, message us on Facebook and we might be able to arrange something. Rob’s gutted cos he can’t come, but Gordo will be there in full force, with a couple of merry little helpers. Come say HI, it’s gonna be ACE. SEE YOU THERE


Hey folks, it has been a loooooong while. Thanks for waiting. Gordon and I left our jobs recently which means we are ready to give it all back to Zineswap.

Today I sifted through a load of the swaps that we have been sitting on for ages. See below for more on that.

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Plog Magazine ISSUE 4

I still can’t believe how much Plog has come along since I reviewed its first issue. The latest Plog issue from Son Emirali – who is amazingly only in his 2nd year on WSA’s GA course?! – features some really cool stuff I like. | am a sucker for infographics so I LOVE Simon Ellis‘s World Leaders Typographic Trump Cards. And Grace Hsu‘s really intimate photographs.

Also super chuffed to point out that Plog also features work from my own advertising students! Andrew Bevan’s TKMaxx ad -  and probably the most entrepreneurial boy in my class, Ed Byrne, his On|Off Collective is also in this issue.



Yesterday we managed to rifle through a load of Zineswap post we have received of late and as usual we have received an exciting selection of zines from all over the globe. We will hopefully get swaps sent out by the end of the month. But one new arrival that grabbed my attention I wanted to mention was whipped up by the HARD WORKERS CLUB and showcases a selection of some lovely photography. Check it:

Hard Workers Club – Volume One from Hard Workers Club on Vimeo.



So its been a while since we posted anything to this section of the world wide web of wonder! Sorry for this, both me and Rob have been busy working on a mass of interesting new projects.

Anyway I was recently on a nice long break in America and found myself at a music festival in Gainesville, Florida of all places. An amazing, alcohol fueled and fast food driven time was had. But a highlight was coming across an epic zine library at the CIVIC MEDIA CENTER run by some really nice characters.

Check out the snaps below of their impressive collection:


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