So, you live outside the UK huh? Nice 😎. Here's the postage works:

1. Pack up your zines like normal

Slap 3–10 copies in an envelope, scrawl our address on the front and seal it up nice and good. Include a self addressed envelope.

2. Make a note of the size and weight of your pack

You can do this yourself or the nice people at the post office should be able to give you the weight of your pack.

3. Send us your zines

This is the important part.

4. Check the international postage rates at Royal Mail

We use Royal Mail to send the zines back to people. Using your size and weight info, look up the estimated cost of return postage to your country here.

5. Paypal us the money

Use this link to send us the cost of return postage. Be sure so mark it ‘friends and family’, we’re all pals after all. Be sure to include the name of your zine as a reference so we know what’s what.

6. Wait for your zines ⌚️